About us:

1985 Ing. Michael Hascic founded the company HS Technik as an individual enterprise with the goal to produce coatings which improve characteristics regarding erosion, corrosion, isolation etc. The first factory was built in Guntramsdorf and was enlarged in three stages of expansion.

1991 A second factory was built in Zilina (Slovakia), which was already constructed with an additional hall. In October 2007 the construction of another location started in Siegendorf (Burgenland, Austria).

2008 A specialisation on coatings was established and put into operation in the factory in Siegendorf.

2009 The individual enterprise Michael Hascic was renamed into HS Coating.

2011 The construction of the research & development center in Siegendorf started and it opened by the end of 2013.

2016 Start of construction of the third building in Siegendorf/Zagersdorf.

2017 Opening of the third buliding which is replacing Guntramsdorf as facility.

2018 Start of construction of the fourth building in Siegendorf/Zagersdorf.

HS Technik currently exists at 2 locations and has developed to one of the most modern coating companies in Europe.