Flame spraying:

Wire flame spraying:

For wire flame spraying the feedstock material is applied in wire, rod or flexible cord shape. The diameter of the feedstock can vary in the range between less than 1 mm and 8 mm. At the wire tip the feedstock is melted and then atomized by means of an atomizing gas. Fine droplets are accelerated very effectively and therefore impinge at high velocity on the substrate, which results in high density coatings.


Powder flame spraying:

The energy source for melting and acceleration of powder feedstock in PFS is a gaseous fuel - oxygen flame. Inside the combustion gas jet the powder particles are heated up and accelerated. Depending on the required heat transfer to the applied feedstock different gun designs with and without injection of additional gases that provide stronger acceleration of powder particles and / or lead to a more focused spray jet are applied. Diffusion processes during coating fusion also result in metallurgical bonding and accordingly high bond strength. The fusion can be carried out in furnaces, by inductive heating or by use of the spraying guns flame without injection of powders, which is especially suitable for on-site applications.

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